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La Aldea: Savory Mexican in a Surprising Spot

La Aldea: Savory Mexican in a Surprising Spot

It’s safe to assume most of us refer to restaurants by their names 95 percent of the time. But sometimes, maybe after a long and stressful day, it’s “you know, that place next to the grocery store!” Or in the case of Lafayette’s “Secret Chinese Restaurant” (which I’ve heard will reopen soon after renovations), you refer to it by its unexpected location at the back of a grocery store.

Bistro 501: Brunch and Everything After

Bistro 501: Brunch and Everything After

At Bistro 501, perhaps the only thing larger than the portions are those beckoning windows. If you’ve ever strolled down Main Street in Lafayette, you’ve no doubt gazed through them — curious about the fowl-themed interior décor … and likely envious of the food folks are enjoying inside.

O-Ishi: Oh Yes, You Should Go

Gaza Korean Grill sign

As I write this, it’s barely mid-November. But I’ve already found new holiday music to recommend and written a story on handmade candy-canes, so … this Thanksgiving-first guy accepts the holidays are here.

Again, I hope you enjoy reading this column as much I do writing it and that it’s inspired you to discover exciting, entertaining experiences to savor and share throughout the year.



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