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From the Boardroom: May 2021

Tipmont’s board of directors held its regular board meeting onTipmont’s board of directors held its regular board meeting on Tuesday, March 23. All directors were present. Also attending were CEO Ron Holcomb and Attorney Jeff Helmick.

Share your broadband experience with the FCC

Share your broadband experience with the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking for first-hand accounts on broadband availability and service quality as part of its broadband Data Collection program. The initiative is an effort to update federal broadband coverage maps that overstate the number of internet providers in partially served areas, which applies to much of Tipmont’s electric footprint

Consider running for Tipmont’s board of directors

Districts 2, 5, and 7 are up for election in 2021

District 4 is up for election in 2020.

Tipmont REMC holds an annual meeting each year with the primary purpose of electing board members who govern our cooperative. Being a member of this board is an important position. The board's decisions impact service rates, rights-of-way, work plans and much more. This position holds significant responsibility and requires individuals who understand their community’s needs and serve the cooperative members’ best interest. Each director is elected to a three-year term.

Escape Velocity

A unique brewery achieves liftoff

Escape Velocity

There is an inherent tinge of excitement to the term “escape velocity.” That’s partially because “Escape Velocity” sounds like it could be the name of a thrilling blockbuster action film. But even in its most straightforwardly scientific definition, there’s still a sense of adventure — the speed that an object must travel to break free of a planet or moon’s gravitational pull.

The Ripple Effect: Lafayette’s Latest Fast-Casual Eatery

The Ripple Effect: Lafayette’s Latest Fast-Casual Eatery

It’s only been a few years since East End Grill opened at its titular edge of Lafayette’s Main Street. But it has more than earned its claim as a staple of downtown dining. With an opening just before Christmas 2020, owner Scott Trzaskus has broadened out into a new space across the street — Ripple and Company, which complements East End’s sit-down splendor with a fast-casual feel perfect to grab and go or for quick bites onsite.



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