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Saluting Branches 2018: Tipmont gives back to those who served

Rob Ford | Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Anyone who appreciates a peaceful stroll in a beautifully wooded setting would rank the Indiana Veterans’ Home grounds among the best locations in Indiana. With 120 years’ worth of well-matured trees across 242 wooded acres, the Veterans’ Home presents unique maintenance challenges.

Enter Saluting Branches, a not-for-profit volunteer effort to maintain tree health at veterans’ homes and cemeteries around the country. On Wednesday, Sept. 19, our tree crews joined arborists from all over Indiana to help remove 33 dead trees and ground 45 stumps. Additionally, the volunteers provided and planted 50 trees in honor of soldiers who never returned home from the Vietnam War. Organizers estimated that a total of $75,000 work was donated by participating organizations.

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Tipmont REMC’s tree crews joined arborists from all over Indiana to remove dead trees and ground stumps at the Indiana Veterans’ Home grounds.

Saluting Branches is the tree industry’s largest one-day volunteer event – with more than $4.5 million in services donated by over 2,700 arborists. To learn more, visit SalutingBranches.org.

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Rob Ford

Rob Ford is Communication Director for Tipmont REMC.

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