Tipmont's objective is to provide safe and reliable electric service to its members. Our rate structure reflects the cooperative's delivery and power supply costs. As a nonprofit electric cooperative, any profits are returned to Tipmont members through Capital Credits.

How we Calculate Residential Bills

Most Tipmont residential members fall under Schedule 1, Single Phase Service, defined as having a monthly demand of 50 kW or less. The calculator below illustrates how residential bills are calculated.

updated January 2020
Miscellaneous Charges on your monthly bill may include, but are not limited to, reconnect fee, returned payment fee, trip fee, etc.
kWh charges: 1,200 $0.1054 $126.48
Power cost adjustment $0.000835 $1.00
Service charge $34.50 $34.50
Indiana Sales Tax 7% $11.34
Total Bill ... $173.32

What is the PCA?

The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is calculated each month and allows Tipmont's monthly rates to stay consistent rather than changing every time the generation cost of energy fluctuates.

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