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  1. Electric Consumer presents a new page feature for January 2019: County of the Month. Each month, we’ll focus on one of Indiana’s 92 counties, providing some basic data along with a brief story about places or events or people that make the county unique. As a gateway to Southern Indiana’s beautiful and rustic uplands and... Continue reading.

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  2. By Sharon Barnhart Recent question from an Electric Cooperative Member: “I’m calling because I received my December electric bill, and it seems a little high compared to my usual bill. We keep our house’s temperature set at 78 F and have not changed it much. Could you help my wife and I understand why our... Continue reading.

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  3. By Holly Huffman At the age of 24, Jack “Lee” Marcum III had a choice: Come back home to run the family business or pursue a degree in computer science.  Marcum went with his heart. He chose family and the business he came to love. Since then, the CEO of New Castle, Indiana-based Jack’s Donuts... Continue reading.

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  4. By Richard G. Biever If someday the mortar holding together the famed “Yard of Bricks” at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is found to be mixed with baking powder — Clabber Girl Baking Powder, to be exact — it should come as no surprise. How the seemingly incongruent worlds of racing and baking forever merged at... Continue reading.

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  5. As a service to our readers and to promote electrical safety, here are some recent recall notices provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Visit www.cpsc.gov/en/recalls for full details of these recalls and for notices of many more. Wet/dry vacuum poses shock hazard Emerson Tool Company has recalled RIDGID NXT wet/dry vacuums, models HD06000... Continue reading.

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  6. Winter is the worst time of year for indoor air quality. House plants do more than simply make your home look better. These plants can help make your home healthier and better for you to live in by improving the air quality. Dracaena is a long striped plant that can easily thrive in your home... Continue reading.

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  7. When preparing for winter weather, many homeowners rely on whole house generators and portable generators to power their homes in the event of a long-term power outage. While they are great resources for your home, there are three major risks that are important to consider. Risk #1: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning To prevent carbon monoxide (CO)... Continue reading.

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