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Youth Tour

Youth Tour will return in summer 2022. Look for application information soon!

Each summer, Tipmont REMC sponsors a group of students going into their senior year of high school to experience a life-changing educational adventure to Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. The all-expense paid, seven-day trip includes visits with Indiana U.S. Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill and a rally with over 1,500 student delegates from across the country.

  This isn't your typical tour of D.C. This is the Trip of a lifetime.

  • Here are just a few of the extraordinary stops during your week with over 100 of your fellow Hoosiers!

    Flight 93 Memorial

    Flight 93 Memorial

    Nestled among the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the Flight 93 Memorial pays tribute to the 40 passengers and crew who thwarted one of the commercial airliners hijacked on September 11, 2001.

    Historic Gettysburg

    A guided tour of the grounds where the Civil War's bloodiest battle was fought and turned in favor of the Union.
    Arlington National Cemetary

    Arlington National Cemetary

    Our nation's most hallowed ground features the Eternal Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that pays tribute to America's missing service men and women.
    Potomac River Cruise

    Potomac River Cruise

    Dance the night away with Youth Tour students from across the country on a pleasure cruise down the Potomac River with all the national monuments in the background.
    Indiana's Congressional Delegation

    Meet Indiana's Congressional Delegation

    Indiana's senators and representatives share their wisdom and answer your questions in an exclusive Capitol Hill meet and greet.
    Smithsonian Museums

    Smithsonian Museums

    From the Air and Space Museum to the Art Museum to the American History Museum, there's something for everyone at the world's largest museum and education complex.
    Youth Tour Rally

    National Youth Tour Rally

    Join hundreds of co-op students from all corners of the United States for a rally hosted by the National Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives.
    Capitol Hill

    Capitol Hill

    A tour of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Watch congressmen and congresswomen debate laws and conduct business in the center of American democracy.
    HOlocaust Museum

    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    A moving tribute to one of the worst atrocities in human history. The Holocaust Museum chronicles a heartbreaking chapter of our history that we must never allow to repeat.
    The National Mall

    The National Mall

    Stretching from the U.S. Capitol to the Potomac River, the National Mall features several stunning memorials including the Lincoln, Jefferson, World War II, Vietnam War and Korean War.
  • Three Youth Tour students by the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the weather like?
    Average June temperatures in the Washington D.C. area can be above 90 degrees and very muggy. However, we’ve also had years where temperatures are very comfortable (mid 70s). Keep an eye on the forecast to help decide what clothes to take with you.
    How many other students will be on the trip?
    There are approximately 100 students from Indiana that will be in our tour group. When we arrive in Washington D.C., we join several thousand other seniors-to-be from all across the nation.
    Who are the chaperones?
    The chaperones are employees of electric cooperatives from across Indiana. You will be accompanied by chaperones at all times while touring. There is approximately one chaperone for every 10 students.
    How do we travel?
    We travel via three motor coaches round trip from Indianapolis to Washington, D.C. Each coach seats 40-54 individuals and is extremely comfortable. Features include charging outlets, fabric-covered reclining seats, overhead reading lights, tray tables and magazine pouches, overhead carry-on storage and multiple video monitors with satellite TV and DVD player capability.
    Will I need money?
    This is an all-inclusive trip, which means your travel, lodging and meals is all paid for. Each student will receive a pre-loaded debit card to cover the cost of scheduled meals during the trip.
    You will need to take your own money for items such as souvenirs.
    What kind of electronics can I bring?
    Because of limited space on the buses, laptop computers cannot be brought on the trip. You are welcome to bring iPads or similar tablet devices, however, there is limited access to free Wi-Fi service when we are outside of the hotel. There is access to charging outlets while riding on the buses.
    How are the hotel room assignments handled?
    We encourage students to make new friends and get to know everyone on the trip. You will be randomly assigned a different gender-appropriate roommate during each leg of the trip. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor special rooming requests and no student will be allowed to have a room alone. Each student will always have his or her own bed in accordance with National Rural Electric Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., guidelines.
    Is Wi-Fi access available?
    Some of the hotels we will visit during the tour may offer free Wi-Fi access in public areas and/or in your hotel room. You are not permitted to upgrade or pay for Wi-Fi access in your hotel rooms if free Wi-Fi is not offered. Remember, this trip is about making new friends. There will not be access to Wi-Fi once we depart the hotel and students will not be allowed to carry small notebook computers and/or tablets while touring.
    What is the dress code?
    As a participant in the Indiana Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., you are representing your cooperative, your community and the entire state of Indiana. You are expected to dress appropriately at all times. As a rule of thumb, if you have to ask whether you should wear something or not, choose a different option.
    What kind of food will we eat?
    One of the best things about Youth Tour is that you are fed very well. We provide three meals per day and access to water/juice and snacks throughout the trip. Students will be provided money and an opportunity to purchase breakfast items to be eaten when they choose. Lunch and dinner may be in a restaurant, at a food court or catered.
    Can I visit friends or family that live in the Washington D.C. area?
    No one is allowed to leave the tour to visit friends or relatives.
  • 2018 Tipmont REMC Youth Tour students at the National Mall

    Youth Tour Application Process

    Tipmont REMC traditionally (and proudly!) sends the largest delegation of students in the state of Indiana. The online application takes 10-15 minutes to fill out. You can save the application and finish later if necessary.


    Juniors who live inside the boundaries of the Tipmont service area are eligible to apply. You do not need to receive service from Tipmont REMC to be eligible. Home-schooled students are also encouraged to apply. If you have questions, please contact Tipmont Member Services at (800) 726-3953.

    Selection process

    Because of the number of applications received, on-site interviews are conducted with Youth Tour candidates to aid in the selection process.

    1. Fill out the 2020 Youth Tour Application by Jan. 31, 2020.
    2. Finalists will interview with Tipmont representatives at our Linden, IN headquarters. The 20-minute interviews are typically held during the school day and are considered an excused absence. If a student is unable to travel to our office, every effort will be made to accommodate the student's needs.
    3. Candidates selected for Youth Tour will be notified within one to two weeks following the interviews.
  • 2017 Indiana Youth Tour students with Congressman Todd Rokita

    For Parents

    How much does the trip cost?
    The trip is free for the students! Tipmont REMC sponsors Youth Tour participants each year. However, they may want to bring some spending money for souvenirs.
    How can I contact my child while on Youth Tour?
    We require all students to bring a cell phone because we have found this to be an effective way to communicate in the event of an emergency. If you do not have a cell phone, perhaps you can borrow one from a family member or contact the Youth Tour director to discuss other options.
    Who chaperones the trip?
    The chaperones are employees of Indiana electric cooperatives from across the state. Each chaperone must pass a background test and a drug screen. There is approximately one chaperone for every 10 students.
    Will I have an opportunity to meet the chaperones?
    Yes. An orientation is held at the Indiana Electric Cooperatives office in Indianapolis when you drop your child off for the trip. At the orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet all of the chaperones and we will go through the procedures for parents to contact their child or the Youth Tour director in case of an emergency.
    What happens in the event of an emergency?
    In the event of an emergency, Indiana Electric Cooperatives will serve as the hub for information and instructions. Parents will also receive the cell phone number for the Youth Tour director in the event of an emergency at home.
    Will my child need money?
    This is an all-inclusive trip, which means all travel, lodging and meals is all paid for. Each student will receive a pre-loaded debit card to cover the cost of scheduled meals during the trip. Students will need to bring their own money for personal items such as souvenirs.
    Is the hotel secure?
    Bed checks are performed by Youth Tour chaperones every evening without exception. Chaperones require face-to-face confirmation that students are in their rooms. All hotels utilized by the Indiana Youth Tour have interior hallways for added safety. Chaperones’ rooms are distributed among students’ rooms to ensure immediate availability in the event of an emergency.
    Will my child have to share a bed?
    No. Each student will always have his or her own bed in accordance with National Rural Electric Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., guidelines.
    Are Medical professionals available?
    Yes. NRECA contracts with two full-time nurses who have emergency room and trauma experience. The nurses are on-site and are available 24 hours a day throughout the week.
    Who can I contact if I have further questions?
    Please contact Tipmont REMC member service at (800) 726-3953 or Indiana Electric Cooperatives at (800) 340.7362.

Questions? Please contact Member Services at (800) 726-3953 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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