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Electrifying remote Guatemalan villages

We take electricity for granted. But many families in remote Guatemalan villages live the simplest of lives. They endure extreme hardships. Through Project Indiana, Indiana's electric cooperatives are empowering global communities one village at a time.

Since 2012, Indiana electric co-ops have banded together to electrify remote villages in Guatemala. In the end, it’s not only light that Project Indiana brings — it’s life. Hope. Progress. Opportunities. And it brings full circle what happened in the 1930s here in rural Indiana — people working together to light a community, one pole at a time, to make a better life.

Mission Statement 

To help rural Guatemala advance as rural Indiana did in the 1930s by adopting villages, bringing them electric power, and supporting them as they form electric cooperatives that enable them to enjoy a better way of life.

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How you can help

Building sustainable change is one of the foundations for Project Indiana - not just a "one-and-done" effort. Indiana's electric cooperatives will return every other year to further energize this region. In addition, businesses, individuals, organizations, and communities across Indiana will be able to support the ongoing efforts of Project Indiana.


Learn more about what's happening as Project Indiana grows and continues to impact more lives. See the effect of your contributions and learn about new ways to get involved with Project Indiana by signing up to receive program updates.

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The bottom line? Financial contributions are critical to Project Indiana. Indiana's 38 electric cooperatives cover all of the program administrative costs, enabling all contributions to go directly to the mission of electrifying and supporting these communities. All donations are tax-deductible and accepted by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association International Foundation, and are earmarked specifically for Indiana projects.

Visit projectindiana.org to donate.

Visit ProjectIndiana.org to learn more!


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