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FREE Public WiFi

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Free Public WiFi

The Yeddo Baptist Church access point is no longer in service. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to continue enjoying Free Public Wifi at these nearby access points:

  • Stringtown Church of God (2390 S. Stringtown Road, Covington)
  • Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center (1451 E. Twin Lakes Road, Hillsboro)

During these challenging times, internet service helps you maintain ties to family, friends, work, and school. Wintek powered by Tipmont is here to keep you connected. That's why we are deploying free public WiFi in Tippecanoe, Montgomery, and Fountain counties.

Free Wintek WiFi at TSC Schools

How to connect

To access the internet, simply drive your car near the location identified on the map. The hot spot is named "Free Wintek WiFi" and a sandwich board is located nearby. Connection is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Connect to "Free Wintek WiFi"
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Enjoy Wintek fiber internet!

The WiFi connects to Wintek’s state-of-the-art fiber internet network that offers symmetrical speeds and unlimited usage. Each hot spot's coverage area is noted by a polygon on the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the WiFi?

Yes! The free public Wifi is available to anyone who wishes to use it.

In addition to serving the vital need of students without internet access to complete homework assignments, we encourage the community to use this free service to download movies and video game updates and to take advantage of apps such as Zoom to video chat with friends and family.

Does it cost money to use the WiFi?

No. The WiFi is free of charge. Please use it as often and as much as you wish.

What kinds of speed can I expect?

You should see symmetrical (same upload and download) speeds between 30 Mbps and 75 Mbps. The closer you are to the WiFi antenna, the higher your speeds are likely to be.

The WiFi in downtown Lafayette is managed by the city and may have varying speeds.

Are there limits on the amount of data I can use?

No, usage is unlimited. Please use Wintek's free public WiFi as much as you wish.

Where can I see a map of all the locations?

Please visit this link to see a map of all the locations.

Is the online map up to date?

Yes. The map automatically updates as new locations come online.

Is the WiFI temporary?

No. We plan to have the free WiFi service available for as long as the devices are functioning and we have permission from nearby business owners.

Do you plan to add more locations?

We'll continue to explore more locations that benefit the communities we serve. If you have a suggested location, please send it to our member service team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (800) 726-3953 M-F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Public WiFi Safety Tips

Use precautions when connecting to any public WiFi connection. The following tips will help ensure your safety:

  • Use care when connecting to any websites that require a password or personal information, including social networking sites, online banking services, or any websites that store your credit card information.
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.
  • Keep your firewall enabled.
  • Make sure the sites you visit only use HTTPS rather than an unencrypted HTTP connection.
  • Consider using a VPN if you access any site that requires a password or your personal information.




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