Executive Order 7037 signed by FDR

Executive Order 7037

As late as the mid-1930s, nine out of 10 rural homes were without electric service. Thanks to an initiative spurred by President Franklin Roosevelt, that number transformed to nine out of 10 by 1953. The movement included the incorporation of Tipmont in 1939 to bring electric service to rural areas around Lafayette and Crawfordsville. Today, there are more than 900 electric co-ops in the US bringing electricity to some 42 million Americans.

Today, our people continue their dedication to safely providing you with reliable and affordable electricity. Our mission is to empower our communities by providing state-of-the-art essential services.

As an electric cooperative, Tipmont is non-profit and focused on long-term stability and value delivered to you. Our success is measured by your overall satisfaction with the products and services we offer. Your satisfaction is our profit.

2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year defined by change. Technology, power supply and how we consume energy are all changing at a rapid pace. Tipmontā€™s dedicated board and staff are responding by positioning Tipmont to deliver value today and for years to come.


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