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History: Interesting Tidbits

  • Roy Meharry participated in getting members signed up at the beginning. He was employed as an electrical inspector/lineman and served on the Tipmont REMC Board of Directors for several years.
  • La Vern Rickey Meese worked for five general managers. She retired in 1991 after working more than 40 years.
  • In 1967, Tipmont REMC employees were honored for one million man-hours without a lost time accident.
  • The first bucket truck was purchased and delivered in the late summer of 1967. Prior to having a bucket truck, the line trucks had electric ladders on them for the lineman to use instead of climbing the pole.
  • At the 1964 annual meeting, capital credit checks were issued for the members of 1942 and 1943. Since that time, we have paid $6.7 million in capital credits to our member-owners.
  • Four legal counsels: Harvey B Hartsock, Roy Street, Charles Kemmer and Jeff Helmrick.
  • Four line superintendents: Paul Antle, Jim Wright, Bill Bridges, and Steve Burkle.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Don Irvin of Wingate built the first Total Electric Living home on Tipmont REMC lines in 1950.
  • Volume 2, Book 1 of the 11Ps of the Month honor roll were the consumers who had used over 100 kWh during December 1940. Robert Howell used over 1000 kWh that month, which was more than double the amount used by Wea High School.
  • The February 1942 issue of the 11Ps of the Month listed some of the appliances that had been purchased after members received their electric service. Some of the electrical appliances were ranges, water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, radios, vacuum sweepers, corn poppers, irons, clocks, toasters, mixers, waffle irons, sewing machines, coffee makers, electric motors, poultry water warmers, percolators and heaters. Some of the smaller appliances that were purchased in smaller quantities included heating pad, drill, soldering iron, hair dryer, sandwich grille, razor, curling iron, tea kettle, and a train.
  • The operating report for January 1940, stated 19 farm accounts and one commercial account were billed. The total billing for the month was $28.32 for total usage of 399 kWh.
  • 350 consumers used over 100 kWh each during the month of January 1942.
  • 1939 rates:
    • First 30 kWh per mont h@ 7.5 cents per kWh
    • Next 30 kWh per month @ 5.0 cents per kWh
    • Next 170 kWh per month @ 3. 0 cents per kWh
    • Over 230 kWh per month @ 2.0 cents per kWh
    • Minimum monthly charge was $2.50 for 5-kva transformer.
  • 1999 rates:
    • Facility Charge $10 per month
    • First 500 kWh per month @ 7.48 cents per kWh
    • Next 1000 kWh per month @ 5.6 cents per kWh
    • Over 1500 kWh per month @ 5.0 cents per kWh
    • Minimum monthly charge is $10 for 10-kva transformer.




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