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for over 75 years.

History: Employees

Throughout the years, Tipmont REMC has had many dedicated employees.

A few employees were employed by other cooperatives before coming to Tipmont REMC. Dale Rainford has 45 years of cooperative employment between Newton Co. REMC and Tipmont REMC. Gerald Kiger has been employed with Tipmont REMC more than 40 years. Employees with 35 years and over at Tipmont REMC include Steven Burkle, Marvin Oliver, Melvin Royer and Ernest Waltz. Employees with 30 plus years include Benita Runion, Stephen Stamper and Ralph Winger. Arthur Pendleton, and John Smith each have been employed more than 25 years with Tipmont REMC.

Our retired employees who completed at least 25 years with Tipmont REMC are:

  • William Bridges
  • Anthelene Evans
  • Harry Hailman
  • George Hamm
  • Robert Jeffers
  • Jerry Kahle
  • Robert Kilgore
  • Kenneth Kirkpatrick
  • Betty Royer McBee
  • David McCay
  • Mac McCay
  • Tom McClelland
  • La Vern Meese
  • Wayne Newhart
  • Maynard Spencer
  • David Sutton
  • Martha Vail
  • Ruby Vail
  • Don Wise
  • James Wright.
  • Howard Haviland
  • Ray Potter

Howard Haviland and Ray Potter were employed 25 plus years at the time of their deaths.




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Empowering Our Communities

Tipmont REMC's mission, adopted in late 2014, is to empower our communities with state-of-the-art essential services. MORE